All brown-nosing aside; I just wanted to say thanks for making this a fun class. I was dreading this class but you made it fun and the time flew by!

Ida M.


The instructor used a variety of teaching techniques to spice up the class; and spice up the class he did. This class was absolutely great!
Virginia S.


There was never a boring moment in this class.
Deborah H.


I realized that I sat in a classroom all day and never daydreamed. You are a wonderful teacher. You were able to keep the class participating and made the material interesting. This was such a surprise to me since everyone groans about going to driving school. I wish I had more college professors like you.
Julie R.


Thank-you for making this class an enjoyable and beneficial experience. You have served your calling.
Beverly G.


I compliment you on your ability to enliven the subject. I know that I will be recommending persons to your school, both when they are required to attend and when they want to remove points from their records.
Jeffrey O.


Your caring, humor and respect for all of us made the class an enjoyable and learning experience.
Frances K.


The instructor’s smiling face and his pleasant disposition were very much appreciated. The class was not only perfectly executed, but was very informative and interesting as well. I will reluctantly admit that the class was much needed.
K. Steward


When I told my friends about how much I enjoyed driving school, they would not believe me. They thought I woke up too early and was delirious.
Jackson P


I believe every student left the course with a greater appreciation for our privilege to drive and respect for the laws if the Commonwealth
John K.


Keep up the excellent work! It’s hard to tell how many lives that you have saved and will save with your presentation, but I feel sure that the number is great..
William H.